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Why should you use CrisisGo for your recovery & re-opening?

Our intelligent survey tool, actionable reports, and data monitoring empowers your organization to gather the information you need to make data-driven decisions and keep track of all of the safety roles and responsibilities for returning to standard operations.



Tools to Assist With Your Re-Opening

See for yourself how our tools can help you recover from the pandemic and return to school safely by providing all the software you need to effectively share information, coordinate your response, and monitor progress.


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How Our Tools Help You Re-Open and Recover

Technology has not only helped schools with instruction, but safety as well. Many schools are turning to technological solutions to assist with their recovery efforts and to drive the coordination of their return-to-school. Our digital safety and crisis response platform plus our intelligent survey tool can help your schools streamline the recovery process with advanced communication and data-sharing capabilities.


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Manage Logistics

Keep track of all of your resources, assess the needs of teams and locations, and communicate the re-allocation of resources as needed.

Coordinate Resources

Easily submit safety tips on safety-related issues like staff or student mental health and navigate the process of assessing the situations and coordinating support.

Monitor Progress

Observe the status of your safety network through an easy-to-use dashboard that serves as a command center for your school's safety.

Gather Localized Data

Monitor the impacts of the pandemic or other illnesses in and around the communities your business or schools serve.

Stay Connected

Keep your staff aware of new safety procedures as well as provide them with a way to track their progress as they make critical instructional adjustments.

Collaborate on Complex Tasks

Utilize role-based safety checklists that are monitored in real-time by safety leaders who can coordinate support when needed.

"During this unsettling COVID-19 period, I wanted to thank CrisisGo for being a great communication platform for the staff of Long Branch Public Schools and allowing us to stay connected and pass along vital information."
Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.
School Safety Specialist & Security Manager
"We appreciate the functionality of CrisisGo during this national emergency, and we look forward to using it a lot more in the future."
David Meeuwsen
Director of Transportation

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