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Helping organizations to manage the recovery effort for COVID-19 pandemic.

The Right Solution for This Crisis

At CrisisGo, we remain committed to helping people move from reacting to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to starting to prepare for the reopening and recovery of their organization and communities.

Our commitment to safety was the driving force to acting quickly to help our customers begin the recovery process in the current environment And through innovation and rapid development, CrisisGo now provides technology tools that can assist your organization as you recover from the impact of COVID-19 and coordinate reopening of your facilities and continued offering of services. Take a look at how our newly released resources can help streamline the recovery process with advanced communication and data-sharing capabilities.

How It Works

CrisisGo has release new features that complement our existing platform and make it easier for schools and organizations to manage their recovery effort for the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to our communication-based digital safety platform, CrisisGo provides the ability to check in with stakeholders, utilize local safety data, and manage the safety roles and recovery steps for returning from the shutdown.


Safety CheckIn

Allow your safety administrators to frequently 'check in' with the community to gather real-time data to inform critical decisions, like when to re-open your buildings based on the spread and control of the illness in the area, with our localized survey tool.


Facility Audit Manager

Ensure the safety, security, and health-quality of your buildings and fleet vehicles with our Facility Audit Manager.  Our tool helps schools and businesses assess and make sure their buildings and fleet vehicles are completely cleaned, disinfected, and completely safe to return from a pandemic or hazards materials accident.

TaskM - Collaborative Checklists and Reports

Collaborative Checklists & Reports

Provide your safety team with collaborative checklists and reports to ensure all your pandemic recovery tasks are completed in a timely manner and administrators have instant knowledge into what work has been completed and what still needs done. 


See CrisisGo in Action

Let us show you how a digital safety and crisis response platform can help your organization recover from the impacts of COVID-19.